Having enough cash in hand for retirement is a real concern for many of us. For high net-worth individuals who want to be proactive and establish a comfortable lifestyle during their later years, it’s never too early to start planning. However, that planning process often falls to the financial advisors retained by these individuals. Given the sheer number of investment, earnings and income options for revenue near and after retirement, even these financial advisor experts need a bit of guidance now and then.

That’s where Jonathan Moulton of Edison Risk can help. Mr. Moulton, who entered the financial services arena in 1999 and has been president of Edison Risk since 2012, knows how to guide advisors toward the right financial products for their clients. That’s why Mr. Moulton wants to take some time out today to explain fixed index annuities (FIA), which are a way to secure a lifetime of income and ensure that clients never run out of money. “Any sound financial plan should incorporate some guaranteed income to cover basic expenses,” says Jonathan Moulton of Edison Risk. “These are a perfect vehicle for that.”

Overall, a fixed index annuity is a fixed investment amount that will generate a minimum amount of interest that is guaranteed over a set period of time. Additional interest can be earned depending on the stock market. The true perk of an FIA is that you can’t lose any portion of your principal investment so Mr. Moulton suggests this financial product as a safe route for financial advisors to offer to their clients. While the return on your FIA is a percentage of market growth, such as a bullish period on the S&P 500 Index, that growth is still guaranteed and backed by an insurance company. On the other end, there’s often a percentage cap placed on earnings.

While an FIA is just one option, Jonathan Moulton and Edison Risk’s talented team of sales managers, underwriters and case managers compile their combined knowledge to develop the best possible plan. Whether it’s life insurance retirement planning or indexed universal life insurance, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that’s handed out to every client. This personal approach is one reason why advisors come to Edison Risk for advice on financial products. The fact that Jonathan Moulton, Edison Risk’s current president, was a top life insurance producer in his field also allowed him to gain industry knowledge first-hand by helping clients with life insurance needs.